Green Cleaning


I’ve recently done some research into the everyday household cleaners I have been using. I realized how many chemicals and dangerous toxins were in products that I was using to CLEAN. Whether it was bathroom cleaner, countertop spray, or laundry pods, I knew I had to make some changes.

I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my bathroom and didn’t feel dizzy or sick and had to leave the room for breath. Even with the vent fan on and windows open, the fumes I was inhaling from cleaning my bathroom was literally making me sick. I considered which was harming me more, the germs in my bathroom, or the fumes and chemicals I was breathing in cleaning those germs. But I didn’t want to sacrifice a good clean either. Sure, you want to really clean a bathroom to get rid of germs, but I knew there had to be a healthier way of doing so. I recently purchased the Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner which uses naturally derived ingredients and their non-toxic power green technology to do job. Knowing that my bathroom was still getting a deep clean without the harsh side effects of a toxic cleaner has made all the difference.


Another issue that really stuck out to me was cleaning my kitchen countertops with harsh cleaner. I would typically use Lysol All Purpose cleaner that “kills 99.9% of germs” every day on top of my counters. Then I thought, I was using a cleaner that would KILL someone if ingested, to clean a countertop that made it “safe” to eat off of. We are using products that aren’t even supposed to touch your skin, but are supposed to be safe enough to put our forks and knives on. How does that make sense? I don’t think it does! Sure, like a bathroom, sometimes you need to kill some germs after cooking chicken or meat, but for an everyday cleanser, Lysol seemed extreme. I purchased the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner that is made of 98% naturally derived ingredients, to use for an every day countertop wipe. I also purchased a few other products from the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day line which I have totally fallen in love with including hand soap and dish soap.


I also hate using bleach on things. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a bright white towel, but I hate pouring bleach into my washer machine. Knowing that I was pouring bleach onto towels and washcloths I would later use on my skin, specifically my face, did not sit well with me. I’ve been on the search for a bleach alternative that I could use that would still make my whites bright but wouldn’t do harm to my skin. I have always been very conscience about what touches my skin. Anything that touches skin, gets absorbed into the blood stream, and bleach is definitely not something I want doing that. At Target I found these Grab Green Fragrance Free Bleach Alternative Pods that are free of chemicals, chlorine, and dyes. Instead of bleach, it uses sodium carbonate peroxide to clean and whiten. So far, I have been loving them!


The toxicity of breathing in, ingesting, and absorbing these toxic chemicals into our bodies was enough for me to reconsider all of my household cleaning products. I’ve actually even started looking into concocting my own cleaning products using vinegar, olive oil, and lemon. I don’t know about you, but my belief is that if you can’t read the ingredients, you shouldn’t use it. Just like food – if you can’t understand the ingredients, don’t eat it! Switch to more natural alternatives, or even better – create your own cleaners!