3 Healthy Cocktail Ideas

I know I’m not alone when it comes to loving a good cocktail. But having one too many hangovers from sugary drinks made me rethink what I was drinking. My old go-to was a gin + tonic. Thinking tonic was just some variant of water, I used to think it was a healthy choice. Then I did my research. Realizing tonic is actually a sugary soft drink masked by a name including water, I swapped out my tonic for club soda. Sure, it doesn’t taste the same but the amount of calories and sugar you give up making the change is HUGE! While many alcohols have sugar content, it is typically the mixers that surge the calorie and sugar content sky high. So, to avoid an extra five pounds and the nasty hangovers, try these using these three ideas for a healthier cocktail!
  1. Gin, La Croix passionfruit flavor, + a splash of pineapple juice with ice
  2. Vodka, club soda,  + lemon juice with ice
  3. White wine sangria with San Pellegrino sparkling water, green apples, oranges, lemons, + limes

As the weather gets warmer, there are definitely opportunities to fall victim to those delicious frozen drinks like a margarita or strawberry daiquiri. But just remember, there are always healthy alternatives that can keep you on track with your diet and natural living while still having fun!

Hope you enjoy!