The Secret to Eating Healthy

The best way to describe my eating habits is non-processed. I don’t look at calories or the sodium content, I look at the ingredients. The fewer, the better. Now, I don’t look at every single food and assess it’s value health wise. I definitely indulge in my occasional ice cream sandwich, bucket of fries, + pasta. But I would say about 85% of the time, I am very conscious about what I am putting into my body.


It all started when I found myself in college unable to focus, lacking so much energy everyday, and just overall felt like a slug. I took a step back and looked at the aspects of my life that could cause it. Sure, college drinking has an affect, but I’ve never been one to turn down a cocktail! I looked at the food I was consuming on a daily basis. Living on my own, I found myself going to the store and buying the easiest, fastest meals possible. I was too busy (or so I thought) to plan a recipe, too lazy to cook a meal, and just plain didn’t care.

I began doing my research into eating healthy and its benefits. And that is where my life transformed. I started to go to the store and spend an extra 30 minutes actually looking at what I was buying. I began spending more and more time in the produce section, choosing fruits and veggies for my snacks for the week instead of my usual bags of chips and pretzels. Don’t get me wrong, I still almost always have chips and pretzels in my house. But those are saved for days when I need a little indulging.


I slowly (key word, SLOWLY) began making changes in my eating habits. I didn’t go through a pantry makeover and throw out every single bad food. If I’ve learned anything, it’s everything in moderation. You can’t just change your life in one day- you are setting yourself up for failure. Slowly over the weeks, I would swap more and more snacks for veggies and fruits, more frozen pizzas for fresh chicken and yams, my weekly ice cream for fruit covered in dark chocolate. Soon enough, I found myself naturally craving healthier foods, feeling better, and even looking better! My abs started to come in without any change to my workout, my face cleared up, and I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Sure enough, this lifestyle change became my normal. To this day, about 4 years later, I still work on finding better and healthier alternatives. It takes time. But it’s possible. Anybody can do it if they have the right mindset and motivation.




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